Class Action Lawsuit

Now is the time to FIGHT BACK!

Over the last several months thousands of legal & law abiding American citizens have lost their jobs as a result of an unlawful and unconstitutional vaccine mandate declared by an illegitimate president.


In the face of this attack on the sovereignty of our states, our economy, and the freedoms and livelihoods of our citizens, our current Governor, Kevin Stitt, appears to be uninterested or incompetent in addressing this blatant breach of the constitution. Our legislature has for the most part, remained conspicuously silent while our families and communities suffer the consequences of this domestic terrorism.


This has prompted me to lead the effort to FIGHT BACK with providing Oklahomans with the tools to join in a class action lawsuit against Joe Biden on behalf of all Oklahomans who have lost the means of providing for their families or who are being threatened with termination in compliance with this tyrannical agenda. 


Step number one, we must identity 4 categories of people.

  1. Those whom have be terminated or forced into resignation after submitting a religious or medical exemption.

  2. Family members who have absorbed the financial responsibility of families whom have been terminated after submitting a religious or medical exemption

  3. Those whom are pending termination / forced resignation if vaccine requirements are not complied with.

  4. A list of concerned citizens demanding action now!

Step number two, we must actively engage in the fight to PRIMARY aka remove those from office who are all talk and no action when it comes to fighting back against the communist agenda in Oklahoma; specifically current Governor, Kevin Stitt!


While some elected officials are content to talk, Oklahoma is in desperate need of leaders like myself who are proactive and aggressively willing to take action that leads to positive and decisive results NOW!  


Step 3, sign up for Make America Free Again Rally set for January 22nd, 2021. 

It has become obvious, we can no longer trust our current executive, judicial, or legislative branches of government to fight for, defend, or protect our God-given constitutional rights! It is left to ‘We the people of these United States’ and more specifically the citizens of this great state of Oklahoma to pull back the reins on this out of control federal Government and remove those from office who are apathetic, incompetent, or unwilling to protect Oklahomans in this hour.


If you are among the thousands of Oklahoma Citizens who have lost their jobs and whose lives have been affected by these unconstitutional mandates or are tired of watching Oklahoma continually bow down to the federal Government, I am asking you to join and support me in becoming the next Governor in the State of Oklahoma!





Dr. Mark Sherwood

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate 2022


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