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It’s not just our northern and southern borders that matter, Oklahoma State borders matter as well. Our State is under attack from the rogue Biden communist regime! Even worse, we are left undefended by our current Governor, Kevin Stitt, who is unwilling or incapable of leading. To share in this complacency, we have an apathetic legislature, unmotivated in protecting our natural, inalienable rights granted to us by GOD.


As your next governor, I will be a public servant to the citizens of Oklahoma. I will NOT be coerced or intimidated by lobbyist or special interest groups; on the contrary, I will serve you, the people of Oklahoma. As governor, I will have the authority to fight, defend and secure your rights. I will aggressively oppose any manner of government over-reach - whether federal or state - that infringes on the rights of Oklahomans! Prayerfully consider joining me in the OKLAHOMA FIRST movement that is sweeping across our State.


Let’s TAKE BACK the liberties that rightfully belong to us before it’s too late!


Dr. Mark Sherwood

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate 2022

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The greatest threat to our constitutional republic is fraudulent elections. This is not only an issue of national security but local and State security as well. Elections have consequences and Oklahomans are already experiencing the effects of an out-of-control rogue federal government which has been taken over by communism, Marxism, and fascism. The single thread connecting these three beliefs is the tearing down of our individual freedoms. Working together, they have undermined one of the foundational pillars that has made America the greatest union of states in the world: the ability for legal and law-abiding citizens to elect public servants to “RE-present” their principles and values. Without free and fair elections, we do not have a constitutional republic. 
In 2020, our votes were made irrelevant by six counties throughout America who hi- jacked the ballot box. Our elections cannot be determined by six counties riddled with fraud! The results of this fraudulent election are literally destroying not only these United States of America, but also Oklahoma. Those who participated in these appalling acts to undermine our constitutional republic must be tried and prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. As your next governor, I will work with the Oklahoma legislature to nullify ALL federal legislation that affects Oklahoma until a transparent audit has been conducted, and rightful election results are restored. We cannot and will not  tolerate fraud in this critical process.

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Oklahoma is an Indian State, and I am proud of our rich heritage and culture. There are 39 Tribal nations in Oklahoma, and my goal is to establish cooperative, working relationships with each of them. I have been proactively reaching out to and meeting with the leaders of each of the tribes to begin building those relations and hearing from them their concerns, visions, and goals. There is a lot of frustration and distrust of our current executive administration, which has accumulated over years of broken agreements and disrespectful treatment. As the next Governor of this great State, I have promised to hold monthly round table meetings with the tribes to stay current on pressing issues. My duty is to serve all Oklahomans and to work to create an environment of freedom where everyone can prosper.

Our focus must be on providing sustainable solutions that enable agencies to develop cooperative systems and protocols to ensure peace, safety, law, and order. I have experienced this kind of cooperation myself, working in law enforcement, and I believe the Oklahoma State Government and the sovereign Tribal Nations can work together to establish a free and self-sustaining State for the citizens of Oklahoma.



“We believe in limited government, individual liberty, natural rights, and personal moral responsibility.” (The Oklahoma Republican Party Platform P. 1 “Republican Principles")

This is one of the greatest values of the Declaration of Independence, and is reiterated in the Oklahoma Republican Party platform. It is our individual responsibility and natural right to educate and determine for OURSELVES and our children which foods, drugs, medications, or medical devices we choose to use or not use! We educate ourselves and we decide. As business owners, we also decide whether or not to open, and/or engage in commerce. The very idea of essential or non-essential business (that the government alone decides) is fascism. It's a way not only for government to control the private sector, but to use it as a weapon against legal and law-abiding citizens. 
We must understand the facts about Covid-19: 
First, less than 1% have died from this man-made viral-based biological weapon called Covid-19. My wife and I have over 9,000 patients in our clinic community and have had ZERO fatalities. COVID-19 can effectively be treated/managed and even avoided by utilizing healthy nutrition, supplementation,  and - when necessary - proper medications.  This will allow your body to heal itself, the way God created it. 
Second, it’s important for the citizens of Oklahoma to know this product does NOT meet the criteria of even being considered a vaccine, as it is literally (on paper) referenced as a “Viral Based Genetic Therapy”. 
This horrific cocktail of diabolical ingredients including potentially ABORTED (murdered) FETAL (pre-born babies) TISSUE (cells and cloned cells) FRAGMENTS (not the cells themselves, but specific objects within the cells). The therapy failed phase 2 of animal testing, and as a result never made it to human testing. Due to the fact that this is an experimental drug and lacks the proper necessities to provide informed consent, all Oklahomans should be
extremely cautious and practice due diligence before putting this poison into their bodies. 
Last, we need to realize this federal push for mandatory vaccines, masks and lockdowns has NEVER been about health. 
The communist, Marxist, and fascist agenda of the Biden regime have used the pandemic to instill fear into the hearts of great Americans. A population in fear can easily be controlled, and willingly
give up their liberties. It is not the proper role of Government, nor its responsibility, to make people feel safe, keep them healthy, mandate them to use a medical device (mask), or force free citizens to take an experimental drug into their body. 
As your next governor, I can assure you that I will aggressively fight back against this agenda! I will have a zero tolerance policy for mask and vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and lockdowns! 
It grieves me to see thousands of amazing employees faced with either unemployment or a forced vaccine - simply to continue to provide for their families. If I was the current governor, I would have already called an emergency special session asking the legislators to put a bill on my desk that would protect the rights of Oklahomans against this present agenda. With this in mind, I will support YOUR individual rights as Oklahomans to educate yourselves and make the best decision for your families.



In the past several weeks we have experienced former Vice President, Joe Biden and his suffocating socialist principles working hard to shut down oil and gas production here in America. All the while simultaneously calling on foreign nations to increase their oil and gas productions in order to supply our apparent deficit.

Biden and his crooked communist cronies are waging war on the oil and gas industry. It is no secret that the swamp monsters of Washington D.C. have aligned themselves with lobbyists, special interest groups and foreign nations in order to line their own pockets at the expense of legal, law-abiding and hard working Oklahomans!

Worse yet, Governor Kevin Stitt's typical "all talk and no action" approach has done nothing to push back or protect Oklahomans from this federal overreach and abuse of power.

Many business owners in our State have already been affected by this and their businesses have either slowed production, downsized their workforce or even closed their businesses and/or left Oklahoma.

Friends, this is Oklahoma, and WE ARE AN OIL & GAS STATE!

As your governor, I will use the full power granted to me by the Tenth Amendment to nullify all federal executive orders, federal legislation or Supreme Court decisions that infringe on the rights of legal and law-abiding Oklahomans to provide for their families.

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I believe abortion is unequivocally the greatest evil in our country. As the executive officer of Oklahoma and the highest ranking magistrate in the state I will exercise my full authority to end the legal murder of the more than 7,000 children who lose their lives to abortion each year. 

As governor, I will act on my biblical and constitutional authority to call on the legislature to bring me a bill that establishes equal protection and justice for our pre-born citizens. It is our duty to seek justice and mercy and defend the fatherless, and we should be proactive, not only in ending abortion completely, but also in streamlining the adoption process.

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The Second Amendment states that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall NOT be infringed."  This right is not up for debate.  The radical left and their communist agenda have clearly stated their desire to DISarm the the citizens of our nation.  The executive of Oklahoma is duty-bound, and legally equipped to ensure that within our borders, Second Amendment rights are actively defended. Progressives, communists and Marxists within our country are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to strip our rights away. I will push back against this threat and establish Oklahoma as a Second Amendment sanctuary state, not simply in word, but in actuality. 

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I believe it is the duty of the governor as the highest executive in the state to NEVER sign another piece of legislation that will increase the already exorbitant taxation on the citizens of Oklahoma.

In a state that boasts a republican governor, lieutenant governor, and republican controlled House and Senate, we have failed to live by the constitutional principles we so loudly proclaim. Instead,  we continue to raise taxes. We need to proactively audit and streamline the agencies and bureaucracies that our money is currently being funneled into.
Every action I take as governor will be to decrease taxes and free up YOUR dollars. Let's boost  the Oklahoma economy, rather than strangling it by leeching money and resources for political favors and government expansion.



Oklahoma has more land owned by China within our borders than any other state. Not only that, but illegal immigrants continue to swarm across from the south. Our open border policies have allowed for the human trafficking industry and domestic terrorist operations to grow up right under our noses. Marijuana facilities, owned and operated by Chinese infiltrators across the state, are serving as covers for human - and weapons - trafficking.

This is unacceptable. We are setting ourselves up not only for economic failure, but also an unprecedented rise in crime and human trafficking. 

I want to see a safe and secure Oklahoma that can welcome individuals from around the world to come and enjoy the freedoms and liberties we provide. However, I will never allow our borders to be open to unvetted refugees and the threat they pose to our communities. I will always take an Oklahoma FIRST stance, and if elected will begin IMMEDIATELY to rid our state of operations that harbor crime, violence and the potential for terrorism.  



I refuse to allow Oklahoma citizens to be indoctrinated with progressive, Marxist, and anti-God curriculum in our schools. Our legislature has passed laws banning critical race theory from being taught to our children, and the governor's office must enforce this. I believe in ONE race: the HUMAN race, and I will fight against ANY agenda in our country that seeks to divide and destroy. 

The executive branch of our state must be prepared to take action against school districts who ignore the laws. This must be done while also pushing for transparency AND local accountability.  

Ultimately, the communist totalitarians in this nation want centralized government education.  Why? As an avenue to condition future generations into destructive and harmful ideologies and blind obedience. 

As your next governor, I will focus on holding our education system accountable to YOU, the people of this great state. Oklahoma will be an example of true education, free from corrupt ideologies such as critical race theory!

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Government's role was never intended to include regulating businesses and passing out grants and tax breaks to assist big industries. For too long we have allowed unelected bureaucratic agencies (with no transparency or accountability) to have entirely too much influence over our day-to-day  lives. As governor, I will utilize my position to stand between Oklahoma citizens and the out-of-control, power hungry federal AND state agencies. I will actively work to eliminate unconstitutional regulations on business, agricultural and environmental industries. These regulations exist primarily to profit big corporations and protect unproductive “green industries” that waste our tax money.

I want to lead Oklahoma into a true free market economy. This will be an economy where local businesses can operate without undue and oppressive regulations. It will be my duty as the head of the executive branch to ensure that any law affecting private businesses, as well as agricultural or environmental issues, never conflicts or infringes on YOUR constitutional rights.